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April 05, 2008


Captain Average

I would have enjoyed this one if it had been just a little more obscure.heh.Random thoughts as follows:
1.Was the road to town a brick one perhaps?
2."Occupation:Social justice advocate"...or vigilante?BUM BUM BUMMM
3."Impressive lumbering"? Isn't that just poor walking?
4.Was the foreclosure legal? And why would the scarecrow help a farmer who stuck a pole up his backside?
5.Forgotten turn-off-hungry livestock.

Thank you and good evening.


Once again Mark, thanks!! My spit-up coffee is now cleaned off my monitor! ;-)

Mark Engblom

Glad you guys liked finding out more about the Scarecrow. These old stories are a scream. It's hard to reconcile the "by-the-numbers" feel of these old monster stories with the mindblowing superhero stuff the same creative teams would be producing only a few years later.

Oh, and Hube...just send me the bill for a new monitor.

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