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April 30, 2008



I love that Gil Kane cover (IM #54). Kane had such a knack for fluidity of movement.

The Layton (#120) cover always intrigued me: How is it that that boulder IM is smashing through is completely shattered? Did IM drill through that one small section? A definitely faux pas by 'ol Babyface.

Wes C

Yet another awesome Gil Kane cover!

The Layton cover is from my personal favorite period of IM.

Does Namor irritate the hell out of anybody else here?

I've never been able to tolerate him for some reason (little ankle wings excluded, those are cool) Probably my least favorite of the major Marvel heroes.


Hmm... I meant to say ISN'T completely shattered in my first comment.

Wes: Indeed -- that was the Michelinie/Layton Golden Era!

Mark Engblom

"Does Namor irritate the hell out of anybody else here?"

I can see how he'd rub people the wrong way, but for whatever reason, I've always enjoyed the arrogant S.O.B. As the first genuine anti-hero of comics, I like the unpredictability he brings to most stories he's in. For all of the wisecracking hipsters and noble good-guys running around, Namor's imperious presence always reminds me of the great Yul Brenner's performances (such as his roles in The King and I or The Ten Commandments) and, at the end of the day, a unique character in the wide world of superheroes.


they kind of play weel against each other. both super cocky. on is surrounded by electric tech the other by natural water. they are also butting heads in the illuminati not to mention all the convoluted assassination stuff from civil war that almost made it look like a war between stark and atlantis was on the way.

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