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April 29, 2008


Z Ryan

Just looking at all those characters I was lost. I could get a half-dozen at most...

Mark Engblom

Well, but look at it this way: Now you know at least 38 red-themed comic book characters to thrill and amaze your friends with.


Aargh, missed it by one! A couple of others you didn't use: The Crimson Comet, Marvel's Crimson Crusader, and (I couldn't believe it) Red Ronin!

Great challenge, Mark. That was fun!

Z Ryan

Haha, yeah, I'm sure this will come in handy when hitting on women.

Pat Curley

A bunch of us in a chatroom collaborated last night and were able to get 29 right. We missed Red Rube, Red Panzer (I guessed Scarlet Schutzstaffel), and thought that Red Dragon must be the Lev Gleason Daredevil, who was revived in the AC Comics FemForce series as Red Devil.

Mark Engblom

"Aargh, missed it by one! A couple of others you didn't use: The Crimson Comet, Marvel's Crimson Crusader, and (I couldn't believe it) Red Ronin!

Great challenge, Mark. That was fun!"

Aarrgh! Crimson Comet was certainly a guy I was aware of, but didn't include...and I was marginally aware of Red Ronin. Thing is, I'm sure there are literally dozens more that eluded me....so maybe there'll be an "In the Red II" someday, huh?

Anyway, glad you had fun. I enjoy putting them together (being the pathetic list-maker I am), so it was a win-win situation for everyone).

Mark Engblom

"A bunch of us in a chatroom collaborated last night and were able to get 29 right."

That's fantastic! That's exactly the kind of fun I want to promote with contests like this one.

So, what would've happened if your collaborative entry had won? Would you have divided the Watchmen paperback into chapters for each contributor? ;)

For what it's worth, the winner also thought Red Dragon might be the Lev Gleason Daredevil. The divided red and dark sides of his face certainly give that impression at first glance.

Pat Curley

If we'd submitted a collaborative entry, I would have asked who wanted a copy of Watchmen from the other people who worked on the puzzle. I have a copy of the trade paperback from the 1980s. :)

It was a lot of fun, especially when we got down to the last couple. We noticed that there was some sort of "W" behind Red Rube, so we were wondering if he was the Red Whiz, or the Red Whirlwind, or something like that. I would not have guessed him as a GA character; the art looked more like the 1960s. Of course, maybe the bare chest should have ruled against; I doubt the CCA would have allowed it.

Wes C

I didn't know Disco had a blog of his own.

Now I do and I'll be checking it out!

BTW: I got 24 of them, thanks to the Who's Who and Marvel Universe's being burned into my brain.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, definitely add Snell's blog to your daily reading. You'll never be disappointed.

As for Who's Who and Marvel Universe, you can imagine how much a guy like me enjoyed both of those series (though I would give the edge to Marvel for their staggering amount of detail and the cool technical drawings).

John Nowak

I've got to admit I've always been wondered why a woman would dress like a brown cobra and call herself "The Crimson Fox."

It's like copyright laws were involved somehow.


Where's Erik the Red?


Red Rube sounds like the greatest super hero ever, I now have to know everything about him. Oh and I've just picked up a full set of Countdown up off E-bay.


With a name like "Red Rube," you'd expect him to be a ex-carny or something. As I recall, he was actually a kid reporter named Reuben Reuben (catchy, id'n it?) that would magically transform into a bare-chested, super-strong grown-up whenever he shouted the magical carny's catch-phrase, "Hey Rube!"

Er, that's about all I can remember about the guy.


If he was a carny and he'd been given those powers by guy that ran the ring toss stall after being the first person to toss a ring over the large diamond that was present at the centre of the stall then we'd be cooking.


Another red person: Red Dragon, from Grant Morrison's early career hit, Zenith. http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/r/reddrag.htm

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