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April 02, 2008


Captain Average

Good stuff Mark...well, not really. These villains are terrible.There's a few who are new to me, so thanks for putting more useless info in my brain.I always laugh at the terrifying Mr.Chicken, but Baloon Man is new.He looks like fun to play with.A big ballon versus a team of robots?Yeah, that's an even match.So thanks, but my reaction today? YUK! One bright spot:I always thought the Texas Twister looked cool.


Paste-Pot Pete at least has a pretty good gimmick - super-strong adhesive can be a surprisingly useful thing to have around in a superhero fight.

Despite two banjo-themed villains, you missed Captain Marvel adversary "Mr. Banjo!"

The first time I saw this image, I had to laugh... does one of these people kinda look like he doesn't belong among this crew?

Mark Engblom

Cap said:

"So thanks, but my reaction today? YUK! One bright spot:I always thought the Texas Twister looked cool."

I usually "aim to please", but in the case of the Really Bad Bad Guys, I aim to disgust....so "thanks", Cap!

Yeah, George Perez did a good job designing Tex's superhero duds. I believe that character showed up every now and then after his first appearance at those Frightful Four try-outs.

seudenim said:
"Despite two banjo-themed villains, you missed Captain Marvel adversary "Mr. Banjo!"

Duly noted, suedenim! I haven't touched Cap's Rogue's Gallery yet, but I'll correct that mistake the next time around! Mr. Banjo sounds like a good (bad?) candidate.


Mark, you've gotta admit that ol' Paste-Pot earned that floppy beret. I mean, you've got to have some artistic talent to first create a perfectly man-shaped and -sized splat of goo with a goo-gun -- stretching diagonally across the wall, no less! -- and then somehow get some poor schlub to back into it at the exact same angle of the sticky design. Whereas Pete's other victims are just stuck in malformed globs, that one fella is laid out like artwork, and without a drop of paste anywhere on his frontside!

(Heh. I always loved that cover.)

Pat Curley

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral man was probably intended as a reference to the game 20 Questions, which always started with the "Animal, Vegetable or Mineral" question.

Couple of suggestions: Li'l Gooey Monster from Wonder Woman #151; he's not only incredibly silly looking, but he speaks in rhyme, making him doubly annoying. Boiling Man from WW #154; his head looks like a coffee cup. And Paper Man from WW #165; he looks like a newspaper (to the point that Wonder Woman is capable of punching right through him). Of course, making light of Wonder Woman from that era is almost too easy; it's like slam-dunking on an eight-foot basket against somebody in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately he didn't appear on a cover, but Pinball from Star Spangled #78 is perhaps the weirdest of the oddball villains. As is traditional in superhero comics, his head resembles his name, and his crimes revolve around the pinball theme. I posted about him in February here:


Paste-Pot Pete was definitely the craziest name for a villain ever; with the beret they should have named him Paste-Pot Pierre.

Mark Engblom

"Mark, you've gotta admit that ol' Paste-Pot earned that floppy beret."

LOL! You're right, Kyle. Paste-Pot's pretty handy with the paste gun, no doubt.

Mark Engblom

Hey, Pat!...thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely file away those WW villains. She's another hero whose rogue's gallery I haven't explored too much.

Ivan Wolfe

Check out Cap's great new headgear!

Because there's nothing else worth seeing on the cover, I guess.

Perhaps you should have a cover gallery of covers with pointless asides like "Check out this obscure thing over here that won't have any real long-term impact!"

And Banjo hates it when you "pick on" him (get it - Banjo, pick - Cover blurb writer of a thousand laughs!), but what about when you "tune" him? Why isn't his brother named "Fiddle" (He hates it when you rosin his bow!) or "Mandolin" (He hates it when you don't tune his double courses just right!) or "High Lonesome Sound" (He hates it when your harmony is off key!)?

Captain Average

Side note: Texas Twister has indeed made more appearances, and is currently in the Texas-based S.H.I.E.L.D. Initiative team, the Rangers(previously a short-lived team also featuring ol' Tex).


Mark, how's this for my mid-life crisis-Bronze Age-comics memory: That inset of the Wizard busting on the Trapster was from FF #177 where the Frightful Four took over the Baxter Building, beat the FF, and were auditioning new members! Am I right?

And wasn't this also the infamous Captain Ultra's debut appearance?

Mark Engblom

"Am I right?"

You're absolutely right, Hube! Good memory! Good ol' Captain Ultra...and his allergy to open flame! He obviously didn't make the cut.


I take umbrage at your scurrilous dismissal of the glory that is Turner D. Century. I loved that man nearly as much as he loved old people.

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