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April 14, 2008



Just getting ready to start my taxes this morning and this was just the laugh I needed to take the edge off! Splendid work! I particularly like...well...ALL of 'em! Thanx!


Absolutely wonderful, Mark! Seeing the sweat pour down the face of the Dark Knight (filling out the tax forms with a feather quill, no less!) made my own battles with Turbo Tax seem rather dull and mundane. I'm guessing the millionaire playboy forgot to save the receipts from some of those tax deductible contributions or something...

Great post!


Very clever stuff! The image of Batman sweating it out as he does his taxes at the eleventh hour is priceless.

Thankfully, my taxes were done last week and I can enjoy these without the same dread!

Great work Mark.

Mark Engblom

Glad you guys like 'em....and that they've lightened the load of those still burning up their calculator keys and digging for those elusive receipts.


Who knew Wonder Woman was so anti-tax? Actually, I keep hearing the Beatles "Taxman" as I look at these quite funny images.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I was surprised to find out Wonder Woman was so fiercely anti-tax...considering her vaguely socialist leanings. ;)

Pat Curley

Very clever! Actually there was a Superman tax story before the one you mentioned in last year's Tax Day post with virtually the same plot. Superman #114 (July 1957) has the Man of Steel indebted to Uncle Sam for that same billion dollars, and I suspect (can't remember offhand) that he got off the hook the same way.


Very nice! I'd love to see some Marvel ones next year, but I think the average Marvel character is either just about flat broke, or Canadian.

Matthew Byrd

I took a double take and thought those were real covers at first. Great job!

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