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April 10, 2008



What was the "action" on these guns, anyway? Some kind of spring-loaded system? I dimly remember having a somewhat similar "Planet of the Apes" themed rifle as a kid, don't think it could fire for as long as a minute, though.

Mark Engblom

No clue. Back then, we seldom questioned how anything worked....we just squeezed the trigger and let 'er rip. When we were curious about how something worked, we would usually take it apart until....well...it no longer worked.


Wow, I almost posted this exact ad earlier this week. I'm glad you did it though, as there's no way I would have done as much research and writing. ;)

Different times, those were.

Wade Wilkin

Different times is right. We would run all over the neighborhood playin' "War" with the other kids. We had quite an arsenal. I'll never forget the Christmas, 1964 I think, that my parents gave my brother and I Johnny 7 O-M-A's! That really tilted the balance of power in our favor! I wish paintball would have come along a little sooner than it did...

Mark Engblom

Absolutely, Wade! There's alot of cool stuff around now that makes me wish I was born a few decades later. Not that I can't experience it now...but I'm afraid the spectacle of a forty-something guy running around the neighborhood with a paintball gun....well, there'd just be too many questions.


Dude, paint ball back in the day! How cool would that have been. I'm SURE they wouldn't have hurt as much as those little yellow pellets we shot at each other or the rocks we used for hand grenades! Yes, different time indeed!


You guys should check out Mil-Sim airsoft. It's a very mature hobby and many people are into it around the world.

paintball sniper

These guns just get more and more life like

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