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March 18, 2008


Captain Average

Oh,this is terrific.Or horrific.My thoughts:
1.Hey,it's latino wrestling sensation Senor BagofCrap!(you had to see it).
2.Actually sounds like a good mission except for the way he words it:"shifting the dominant paradigm" will never make it as a catchphrase.
3."I will inject justice".Now THAT's a catchphrase.
4."I am friendship bracelet man!I will unleash my braided bracelets of right to spread friendship wherever I go!"
5.Snake Eyes lives! Go Joe! Wait,how do you get a quote from a mute?


I never realized before now that "boondoggle" actually had some specific meaning....

Mark Engblom

"Wait,how do you get a quote from a mute? "

Most of these guys (and gals) have MySpace pages...the perfect place to post their various musings and (in some cases) manifestos. Wallcreeper actually has his own Wiki page (which I linked to)...which one suspects Wallcreeper himself had a hand in creating.

"I never realized before now that "boondoggle" actually had some specific meaning...."

Ahh, but which Boondoggle came first: The definition for "an activity wasteful of time or money" or the friendship-creating/sustaining craft item?

The world may never know.

Pat Curley

Superbarrio looks like he needs to cut down on the Superburritos!



1) Wasn't Foxfire an actual Marvel character? She was a former villain of the Squadron Supreme "behavior modified" by the team to become good? She was Dr. Spectrum's squeeze before being killed in the climatic issue #12. I'm pretty sure that was her name.

2) "Superbarrio"?? That translates into "Super-neighborhood" in English! What the heck kinda moniker is that??

3) I love how "Entomo" is a play on "entomology," the "study of insects."

Mark Engblom

Hmmm...not sure on Foxfire's Marvel connection. Maybe their ninja lawyers are tracking her down as we speak (battling it out in the mean streets of Royal Oak, MI).

As for the "super-neighborhood" handle of our Mexican friend, I think Superbarrio is more of a political player than a traditional "chase the badguys" kind of hero. "Chasing" probably isn't high on Superbarrio's priority list.

I wonder who's in Entomo's rogues gallery? A giant magnifying glass trying to fry him with a concentrated beam of sunlight? RAID-Man? The Shoe?


Mark: I was just referring to the name "Foxfire," not the actual babe. Just to be clear!

Marc at noblemania.blogspot.com

Hi Mark,
I'm new here. Don't know if you mentioned or referenced the article about Reals here, but if not, it may be of interest: http://articles.citypages.com/2008-01-16/feature/superheroes-in-real-life/full/

Justice Marvel

hi there

Just a comment...SUPERBARRIO is a REAL life character...I mean...He DOES GET INVOLVED with his costume in streets and uses his abilities to stop injustice...He even gets into the mexican TV news from time to time...Maybe he doesnt claim to have Super natural powers but he makes a difference....
OH, and superbarrio stands for a superhero that helps the barrio...the less fortunate human beings that need the most help.


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