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March 01, 2008


John Trumbull

Brilliant, sir.

Captain Average

Wonderful association. Didn't the early Nightwing sport a disco collar?

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I took a look at Nightwing, too...but even though he had a "disco collar", it wasn't high enough to actually obscure his peripheral vision....so he wasn't eligible for membership. Other heroes with big (yet non-obscuring) collars were guys like Tyroc (Legion of Superheroes), Warlock (his later caped costume), and the Vision. I thought about including hooded heroes like Raven or the Spectre as well, but the "work-to-joke" ratio seemed a little steep.

Oh, and yes...I'm aware Yellow Jacket doesn't have a high collar...but I just couldn't say no to those impossibly huge shoulder "arches".


Once again -- LOL!!!

Paul McCall

You should add those wearing hoods. The Spectre, Green Arrow's current look, I'm sure there are several more. I'm not of the "hoodie" generation but I have a Green Lantern hoodie I wear when I get cold in the studio. The first time I wore it outside witeh the hood up I noticed the lack of peripheral vision and I immediately flashed on the Super-heroes that have a hood and how stupid it is.

Pat Curley

I always thought of those as vampire collars.

Mark Engblom

"You should add those wearing hoods."

Like I said earlier, it was more work than the joke needed (or that I had time to do)...but now that you bring it up, maybe the Obscured Peripheral Vision League will have to meet the Legion of Peripheral Vision-Challenged Superheroes at some point.

ShadowWing Tronix

Rank amateurs, all of them. I can put up a whole bunch of pics of Transformers with less peripheral vision than that.

J. L. Bell

Whom would this group fight? Warp is an obvious start.


Whom would this group fight? Warp is an obvious start.

Heh. Ol' Tunnel-Head himself!

Then there's the guys like Juggernaut and Whirlwind who can't even turn their heads without turning their entire body.

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