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March 07, 2008


John Trumbull


Joe Lewallen

Sweet. Minus side, no "Dark Knight Returns" or Batman by Neal Adams, Marshall Rogers, Jim Aparo and other great Bat Artists. Plus side, no Joel Schumacher Bat-Movies.

Pat Curley

As a result of this incident, Bruce Wayne began his crusade against crime by gunning down the Joker, the Cat, the Penguin and Two-Face. However, as Gotham was quickly eradicated of "super-villains" or indeed criminals of any kind, Batman was eventually reduced to tasing people who asked nutty questions of famous politicians. ;)

Mark Engblom

"Don't taze me bro'!"


The best thing about this origin would be no chance for Frank Miller to make Batman a friggin' psycho for 9 issues.

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