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March 11, 2008



So, now that the perfect "escape clause" had been built into Barry's demise

But, by going back in time as a bolt of lightning and thus causing his own transformation into the Flash, Barry Allen is effectively stuck in a time loop. He can't escape between "dying" and starting his superhero career otherwise he'd never become the Flash in the first place! So he's more stuck than anyone!

However, considering Barry has zoomed to the future in past stories, what's to say that he didn't travel to 2008 during one of his many adventures and stayed there for a while?

Anyway, Barry Allen briefly came back in Infinite Crisis. When Bart was attacking Superboy Prime, Barry came out of the Speed Force and pulled SBP into the speed force energy trapping him (for a while). So Barry is alive and well in the Speed Force universe. :)

Captain Average

It truly confounds me why DC will not return Barry Allen, almost everyone's favorite Flash. Everyone else has just been a replacement. Oh well, we'll keep our fingers crossed. I can't wait for tomorrow's post!BTW,love the way Barry's face is incorporated into that lightning bolt!

Mark Engblom

You're right, Nimbus, the "lightning circuit" does seem to present a problem...but at the same time, I guess my point was that Barry is still "out there" somewhere waiting for that small little detail of getting his physical body back (hardly a problem in superhero comics).

Again, you're right on the Infinite Crisis appearance, and I probably should have mentioned it in my post, since it obviously alters (or contradicts) the Secret Origins story. Of course, that appearance more than anything convinced me that DC had some plan for Barry other than the occasional soft-focus nostalgic flashback (no pun intended).

Captain Average:

Yeah, that was a little touch I didn't notice for years. When I did finally see it, it was pretty funny.


Well, by not bringing him back, they get to list Wally West as The Eternal Rookie. Seems like every new writer that gets ahold of Wally West has to have him go through some sort of crisis of conscience about how he compares to Barry.

Did Barry have the same problem with Jay?

Mark Engblom

No, not that I can recall. Barry admired Jay Garrick, but never moped around like Wally did (and still does to some extent). Much of that could be due to the differences in storytelling between comics of the early 60's and the modern, more emotive style of characterization. But I'd also like to think Barry was just a more confident kind of person than Wally turned out to be.

Captain Average

Also,Barry was established for a while before meeting Jay,who he had thought was just a comic book character.Reading comics about heroes who read comics? Awesome.


Well, and Barry wasn't Jay's nephew (or relative, friend, protege, apprentice, sidekick, whatever). Barry didn't even know Jay was "real" outside of comic books until they met in Flash #123. Maybe after that he'd ponder his worthiness, but probably not for such personal reasons.


Oh, so you're going to talk about Buried Alien?


Darnit, Mark-- you and your cliffhangers! Making us wait a whole day?? Torture! (:

Mark Engblom

I dunno...I think meeting a comic book character come to life (Jay Garrick) would have more inferiority-generating potential that a superpowered family member.

Okay...sometimes the sheer strangeness of the stuff I write hits me right between the eyes. Gotta go lie down.

Mark Engblom

"Oh, so you're going to talk about Buried Alien?"

Shhhhhhh! ;)



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