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March 26, 2008


Captain Average

I heard he uses a replica of Big Ben as a wall clock, and an Olympic pool to wash his dishes.
Is it just me, or does that picture with his diary look like he got buzzed on alien liquor and fell into that chair?
Good stuff Mark!

Mark Engblom

LOL! Yeah, those chemical beakers look suspiciously like bottles of "adult beverages"...which, combined with Supes' languid pose, suggests a state of blissful super-intoxication.


I'm thinking his memories of this mother are blending with his memories of Wonder Woman. I mean, she's clearly wearing WW's old school footwear.

Mark Engblom

Now that I think about it, that Lara statue is showing quite a bit of leg for a mom statue, don't you think? Plus....a skirt? Really?

Oh, by the way...I just added another category I spaced out including with the original post. It's just above the controversial Jor-El and Lara image.

John Nowak

And his mail slot? Six feet wide!

Ivan Wolfe

Where's PETA when you need them? After this, they're gonna be all over Supes.

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