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March 24, 2008


Captain Average

Wow,I didn't know it was a borrowed concept! Can't wait to see what else you have for us! And was Doc Savage a series of novels or comics? Is it something I might find at the library?

Mark Engblom

Hi, Cap! Doc Savage was a hero of the so-called "pulps", inexpensive magazines featuring many different genres of fiction, along with splashy (sometimes lurid) covers. Doc was an adventure hero created by Lester Dent whose pulp stories ran from 1933 through the late 40's. Following Dent's death, a 1960's series of novels was commissioned to reprint Dent's stories and new stories based on his character notes. These are the books you'll most likely find at your local library...though I'm not sure on the authorship of those books. Best to search under "Doc Savage" rather than a specific author. I know Doc Savage has been adapted into comics form over the years, but his primary venue is prose fiction. Hope that helps!


i like to read this imagining it's being said in the lifestyles of rich and famous robin leech voice.

Pat Curley

The Doc Savage books were all published under the author name of Kenneth Robeson, although most of them were produced by a writer named Lester Dent. And Doc's given name? Clark. Often described as the "Man of Bronze" (as compared to Man of Steel).

I loved the explanation given in later SA comics that the key was disguised as a marker arrow for planes; I had the image in mind of planes going wildly off course whenever Supes used it to unlock his hideaway.


A true classic, and Doc Savage is cool too.

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