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March 10, 2008



Classic issue, Mark! I remember having to trade my copy of this issue to my best friend after bringing it home, 'cause my mom had a strict "no vampires!" rule in the house. If I recall, I made out okay in the deal... got a two-issue Avengers vs Kang storyline in return.

Mark Engblom

Hah! I love that story, Kyle! The "no vampire" rule. Yeah, you got a pretty good trade with the Avengers comics (good of you to insist on two comics for the double-sized Spider-Man/Dracula comic book).

Your comment also puts me in mind of something else I've been meaning to write about: the hallowed days of "the comic book trade" and its attendant rules and customs. I'll get to it soon.

Captain Average

Also appreciate the way the threat of Dracula is increased thru his size and the way his clawed hand comes out of the shadow of his body. And I would have said it couild do without the two spotlight circles under the title until you pointed out their purpose. Excellent analysis.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I always enjoy the use of symbolically large, looming figures on comic book covers (see the previous "Simply the Best" Daredevil cover), especially when the figure is Dracula (with the added symbolism of his pure-black "interior")!

Ivan Wolfe

So that's what the "rule of three" is! All those Charmed episodes lied to me. I'll never trust another TV show as long as I live.


Dracula+Spidey=match made in heaven. And yes, all those phrases like "First Issue Phantasmagoria" are beautiful. Nice blog, I plugged it in my latest column (see url); although I mistakenly thought it was called "Profiles in Villainy" and linked only to that tag... :<

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks for the link, MaGnUs. Glad you like the blog, as well as those old Marvel covers!

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