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March 14, 2008


Captain Average

Some of it I like, some not so much.I really like the gauntlet extensions behind tje elbow.Would have good ofensive/defensive potential.I like the red "samauri" portion of the helmet.And yes,incorporating the gray metal is a good recall of the old armor and a reminder that he's "Iron" man,not "colorful plastic" man.I don't care for the yellow faceplate.Looks like a bug.And a couple too many shield shaped components(10).And lastly,there seems to be a circle around his, um , "steel rod". But I give it a "B+".Not that I'm qualified except as a fan.

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks for the honest appraisal, Cap. Yeah, I knew the face plate was a risk, but I rather like the "bug" like look. It sure helps the peripheral vision problem, yes?

Wes C

Nice design Mark.

I really like the arms- nice way of incorporating the past. They also remind me of the Destroyer from Thor. The gauntlets are nice too.

I like the face plate, not so sure about the samurai helmet part though, to me it kinda makes him look like he has a "Prince Valiant hair cut". You did the hard part, it's really easy to be the Monday morning quarter back.....

This sound like a fun contest. I think I might try and give it a go myself.

I can rest easy knowing that no matter how awful my design might turn out, it will still look better than the mid 80's red and white go-bot look he had.

Mark Engblom

Thanks for the feedback, Wes. It's always interesting to hear how others see it. This morning I was doubting the face plate a bit and sketched some conventional eye and mouth slits just to see what it looked like. It looked good, but I still preferred the dramatic departure you see above.

Hey, let me know if you end up taking a shot at it. I'd love to start seeing some designs by others.

Yeah, that 80's red-and-white armor was the absolute worst. It's just....wrong....not to have a red and yellow Iron-Man.

Z Ryan

Do you guys mean the RED and SILVER armor he wore in the 80's? I love that armor!! I like the color scheme... That's why I like the silver metal on your redesign.

The thing I don't like on most IM armors is the skin-tight, always shape-changing "metal." You need some break in the metal for his joints.


i definitely see the rocketeer in the face but there seems to be a little guy smith (from x-statix's) armor going on in the arms and legs and color pallette

Mark Engblom

Wow...good eye, Stephen. I wasn't aware of Guy Smith at all, so...as they say...."any resemblance is purely coincidental".


Great minds think alike.

Allow me to expose him to you.

this is your bot iron man versus guy "the orphan" smith


the avengers versus my team


and finally guy smith in full armor


I highly recommend x-force and x-statix if these pics catch your eye.

Wes C

You can call it Red and Silver all you want to Z Ryan if that gets you through the night ;)

I know it was supposed to be silver, it just never "read" as silver, always looked like white with baby blue highlights. The yellow reads as gold much easier than the white as silver does.

Plus that goofy helmet...

Of course beauty is in the eye (slit) of the beholder.

ShadowWing Tronix

I'm also a fan of the Silver Centurion armor. I think it would good in "classic" colors, if they made it less bulky, which is my only complaint.

As an Iron Fan (until Grell started him on the road to suck--I left when a later writer made him Secretary of Defense), I like your design. I wouldn't mind seeing how it looked with a less cartoony art style (no offense), but in concept it looks good, even if it was a "What If" story, or SHIELD Director Tony wore it for some Japanese ceremony.

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