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March 21, 2008


Captain Average

Happy Easter to you too brother.

Z Ryan

Happy Easter, Mark.


Right on! Happy Easter to you as well, Mark!


And Perry wants to be alone with the kids, why? To tell some pervo story?

Happy Easter!


No. To fill their lungs with second-hand cigar smoke! Thanks Grandpa!

Happy Easter to everyone.

Joe Lewallen

Happy Easter Mark!

John Nowak

Just found this site recently and spent most of last night reading bits -- many thanks, and happy Easter!

Dr. Retro

Happy Easter, Brother.

Wes C

Well I'm late to the show, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Wow!, I'm amazed that it's that difficult to find a reference to Easter in a comic!

I guess I never really thought to look before.


Also a little late but... Happy Easter to you too!

And, here in the UK, we actually had a white Easter! Snow at Eastertime? Who'd 'ave thunked it! :)

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