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February 13, 2008


Captain Average

Wonder if he's had flings with Light Lass, Little Lulu, or Lindsay Lohan?

Belfry Bob

Big Barda? Sally Selwyn? Mighty Maid?

Enough with the alliteration, already!

Sheesh...the 'LL's' were bad enough...

I recall Mighty Maid...my friends and I thought it sounded like either a new orange juice brand or a floor cleaner, not so much a super-heroine.

Recently discovered your site and have really enjoyed it. I was only a 'DC-ite' from around 1957-61 - when at 10 years old I discovered Fantastic Four #4 at a hotel newstand, my crossover to Marvel (as other than a horror/western label) had just begun - but your articles and really amusing features bring home all the fun of that era.

Well done!

Belfry Bob

Superman and Lindsay Lohan - now THERE'S a team-up I'd pay to see.

As for Little Lulu, it's rumored that Spike is really Lex Luthor's cousin (note the similarity in their hairlines), so Supe better tread carefully.

It wouldn't look any more bizarre than Superman kissing Wonder Woman, though.

Belfry Bob

I noted that you have this disclaimer on your posting page:

This test is used to prevent automated robots from posting comments.

I was wondering...should comic book blogs be discriminating against automated robots? I mean, if they aren't welcome on a comics blog, where WILL they be welcome?

What's next? Banning automated robots from Sci-Fi blogs?

Can't we all just get along?

Mark Engblom

"Wonder if he's had flings with Light Lass, Little Lulu, or Lindsay Lohan?"

No...but I've heard reports of Superman being seen with classic country songstress Loretta Lynn, actress Lucy Liu, and (in a bit of controversy) goofy-looking crooner Lyle Lovett.

Mark Engblom

"Big Barda? Sally Selwyn? Mighty Maid?

Enough with the alliteration, already!"

Bob, alliteration is a major pillar of superhero comics. Peter Parker. J. Jonah Jameson. Robbie Robertson. Reed Richards. Sue Storm. etc.

But hey...I love the way you think, Bob! You've inspired me to rethink my policy toward automated robots. After all...."even an android can cry"!

Wes C

Luma Lynai, Mighty Maid?

Those must have made Bruce Cutler a happy man!

I remember enjoying the Big Barda/Superman story. I'll have to dig it out and read it again. I may have a different take on it 2 decades later though.

I for one welcome our new Automated Robot Overlords!

Mark Engblom

"Those must have made Bruce Cutler a happy man! "


LOL! Yes, indeed...Bruce Cutler (wherever he is now) would probably love those developments (readers: click here if Wes and I have left you in the dark).

"I remember enjoying the Big Barda/Superman story. I'll have to dig it out and read it again. I may have a different take on it 2 decades later though."

It was definitely a controversial story at the time. As I recall, a Darkseid acyolyte named "Sleez" used his mind-control powers to manipulate Superman and Big Barda into, essentially, a porn movie (whatever action beyond the passionate kiss took place "off screen"). Not exactly the bright, shiny new "John Byrne Era" were were expecting, to say the least.


A Superman/Big Barda porn movie produced by Darkseid? Great Scott, that certainly beats the hell out of those Marvel goes Hollywood stories from the sixties!

...or not.

Pat Curley

Hah! As it happens, I put up a post on Silver Age Comics about Lois Lane's many boyfriends before surfing over to see what you were doing.

Mark Engblom

Love it, Pat!

Great minds think alike...I toyed with the idea of doing a Lois/Boyfriend follow up to this post.

I'll add an update and link to it!

Pat Curley

Thanks, Mark! How many people know that Kal-El married and had a son in the Silver Age? In Action #370, we learned that his rocket initially landed on another planet in another universe, where our hero was wed to a gal named Lasil, had a son named Vol, and became president of his nation. Eventually, of course, he was transformed back into a toddler and sent on his merry way to Earth in the rocket, with the explanation that in this alternate universe 100 years had passed while only a few hours had passed in ours.

Mark Engblom

I've known about that story, but I've been trying my hardest to forget about it! Quite possibly the most clueless, embarrassing story ever written about Superman. Granted, "canon" and maintaining an internal logic to the mythos was pretty low on the priority list back then, but man alive, a 100 year detour where Kal-El is turned back into a baby and sent on his merry way? Jeez-aloo.

Ivan Wolfe

I see you've finally given in and looked up the tale where Supes makes out with his cousin.

Welcome to the dark side!

Captain Average

Oh man, how did I miss Lucy Liu? I better watch "Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle" as penance.

Pat Curley

There are quite a few of those stories, especially in the later Silver Age: The "Real" Origin of the Flash (with Mopee), the Black Zero story, and virtually all of the Brave & Bold Batman stories are either impossible to reconcile with canon or at least undesirable to do so.

nicola boden

saturn girl and triplicate girl have also had their fair share of smooches and subtext from the man of steel

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