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February 15, 2008


mark w

Very nice drawing you did of the Thing...but I was disappointed that the covers were so small, even when I clicked on them! I was looking forward to comparing them all!

mark w

p.s. Thing would lose: not enough fingers.

Mark Engblom

You think so? Well, the Hulk may have more fingers, but he's so prone to explosive temper tantrums, I don't think he'd be able to get through many of the harder songs without putting the guitar through the TV set. The Thing's a little more even-keeled.

Glad you liked the drawing. As for the covers, I'm out of town at the moment, but when I get back on Tuesday, I'll swap out the larger cover gallery for an even bigger one. How's that?

Ivan Wolfe

The question is, what songs do they choose to play?


The Thing has another advantage: He also plays Rock Band with the rest of the FF.

Of course, he's usually on drums...

Mark Engblom

"Rock Band"?

Is that a PUN, Siskoid? ;)


Since puns invariably get jeers, and I know that, it must mean I didn't do it on purpose.

Joe Menna

Don't forget the Big Change

The O

One of my most "favoritist" match ups ever. Hulk vs Thing is indeed the best ever. I;m a big Thing fan and always have been, but as far as Guitar Hero and anything Guitar Hero-esque, I hate with an undying passion! But the stage for the "battle" is still that of the game and my take on the winner is hands down the Thing. More in tune with his human aspect than the Hulk and has proven time and time again in their UFC type fights that Thing is a lil quicker and has more finesse, therefore he'd work the hell outta those strangs, while the Hulk would get agitated quickly and fly into a red, yellow, blue, green rhythm induced rage and destroy the city and surrounding areas!


I love Hulk vs. Thing. I don't know how Guitar Hero works, but I hope they keep fighting.

I think there is a recent Marvel Adventures
H vs T cover story.

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