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February 14, 2008


Z Ryan

SNIKT! seems like one you should only give to someone really close to you, like a spouse.


your missing "no man escapes the manhunters"

Captain Average

Most of these sound like creepy stalker messages. Except SHAZAM! I'm sure Sgt.Carter thanked Gomer for that sweet treat.



Mark Engblom

"Most of these sound like creepy stalker messages."

True....although "I Say Thee Nay!" would be the perfect candy heart for a woman to give to a creep trying to pick her up.

Ivan Wolfe

My wife thinks they're great.

Me - I have an aversion to candy hearts after I bit down on one (about 10 years ago) and needed a root canal because it broke my tooth!

Mark Engblom

OUCH! Geez, I can certainly understand your aversion. Glad your wife enjoyed the hearts!

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