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February 22, 2008


ShadowWing Tronix

And here I thought the only time they went at it was during the "DC vs Marvel/Marvel vs DC" crossover event.

I miss Access and the Amalgam Universe. I know I'd be reading Iron Lantern.

Captain Average

It sounds like a dream matchup , a "Fight of the Century"...but from the panels you showed..meh. I can appreciate that look for Superman, but Hulk looks a lot more like Frankenstein's monster than himself. I know his head used to look flatter, but he looks tall, thin(for Hulk), with too much forehead. And when Supes is on the ground he looks flat in places. I dunno..doesn't look good enough for the characters.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, the Hulk looks profoundly different than he does today, but really...that's exactly what he looked like during his initial 6-issue run in the early 60's. He wasn't nearly as "ballooned out" with muscle as he is today, with a much more primitive-looking head.

Of course, if it just doesn't float your boat, that's okay too. Really, though, there's some great art through the story, despite your reservations about these pages. Give it a look sometime.

Mark Engblom

"And here I thought the only time they went at it was during the "DC vs Marvel/Marvel vs DC" crossover event."

Whoops. Sorry, 'Wing. I should have answered you first.

Actually, there was a meeting between the Hulk and Superman that pre-dated the All-Access thing. It took place in the second Superman vs. Spider-Man team-up published in (I think) 1981 or '82. Things didn't work out well for the Hulk in that one, since his punches had literally no effect on Superman, who just calmly stood there as Hulk flailed away on him.

ShadowWing Tronix

Ok, I think I remember that one. Meanwhile Spider-Man hung out with Wonder Woman. I'd say Spidey got the better deal.


Even if you don't like the Silver Age looks for these guys, Rude's panel layouts are awesome.

Wes C

Steve Rude's artwork is amazing throughout the entire issue.

His love for the characters history really comes through.

It's all a matter of taste of course, but I find these renditions of these characters to be far superior to more "modern" interpretations.

He really has a knack for capturing the essence of a characters power and grandeur.

What did you think of Rude's work on the Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen story he did around this time?

The "Dude" never fails to deliver.

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