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February 06, 2008


Ivan Wolfe

Cap Wolf rocked!

And Cap Wolf vs. Cable - that's just pure gold, I tell you (especially when you add in the gratuitous and ubiquitous Wolverine in the background).

If that Cap Wolf cover were a gold foil foldout, it would sum up everything that was wrong with Marvel in the 90s.

Mark Engblom

I think Wolverine and Wolfsbane (?) were part of the "Wolf Pack" (along with Werewolf by Night).

Gold foil....ah, those were the days, weren't they?

Brian Disco Snell

I've got the strangest feeling I'm being turned into a puppet!

What, Flash, you've been turned into a puppet before? I know, if I were being turned into a puppet, I would certainly have no comparison to make, and that would be the last possibility to come to mind. "I'm feeling weird," maybe.

Then again, it was 60's DC....

Mark Engblom

"I have the strangest feeling I'm being turned into a genderless maquette!"

Pat Curley

Hmmm, I feel a post coming on regarding Batman's weird transformations; the only problem is narrowing them down to a hundred or so. ;)

Mark Engblom

Yeah, tell me about it, Pat! Picking only one Batman transformation for my piece was tough, since there were so many bizarre ones to choose from. The runner up was the cover showing Batman and Robin transformed into aliens (complete with antennae).

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