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February 27, 2008


ShadowWing Tronix

There was also a female Iron M..pfft..Iron Woman in Marvel's (psuedo)Mangaverse, supposedly the daughter of Tony Stark. Didn't read a whole lot of it, so I only know she existed.

Mark Engblom

Hmm...since Manga is so far off my personal radar, I didn't see that one....but now that you've brought it up, I'm curious about what she looked like. Let me guess, though: tiny mouth slit and huge eye slits?

(I kid. I kid the Manga community)

ShadowWing Tronix

It wasn't actually "manga" as in comics from Japan. More like another alternate universe in the Mighty Manga Mold (heh). I went to a couple of the comic databases, but nobody's touched it. I had to go to Wikipedia. So decide for yourself whether or not to trust the data to follow.

Click here to check out Toni Stark (lower right)

Anyway, it turns out Toni Stark is Tony Stark's sister.
That must have been confusing calling the kids to dinner.

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks ShadowWing! That's a pretty tricked-up suit on Toni Stark. I've changed your URL and made it a hotlink so clickers can get right to the artwork...so give it a look, folks!

Brian Disco Snell

Not to get off topic, but that issue of All-Star...does anyone else out there find the concept of the Spectre's girlfriend, well, disturbing??

Mark Engblom

Yeah, as goofy and lighthearted as that original adventure was, the panel with Clarice Winston dressed up as the avenging ghost of her dead fiance' is pretty creepy. At least she had the good sense to wear a white body stocking, instead of painting her skin white (like the Spectre's chalk-white skin).

ShadowWing Tronix

Glad I could be of help as a new guy to the party.

Yeah, dressing up as your dead fiance. That's one for the therapist. Also, it's a good thing they went with "Wonder Warrior", instead of the potential Marvel lawsuit.


I stopped reading as soon as i saw the red skull MODOK. My mind just exploded at that point.


Just curious. You mention Carrie Kelly, but not Stephanie Brown. Any reason why?

Mark Engblom

"Just curious. You mention Carrie Kelly, but not Stephanie Brown. Any reason why?"

1. Carrie's status as the first female Robin and the Olympian status of Dark Knight Returns itself.

2. Cool cover design.

3. Less affinity and interest toward the Batman scene of the last decade or so.

4. Time constraints. As thorough as I like to be, the limited time I can devote to these things make them less than comprehensive. Basically just enough imagery to make my lighthearted point (whatever it happens to be at the time).

Dan Hammer

Loki actually is a girl now in the new Thor series. I know you don't like ti but it fits with this topic

Mark Engblom

You're right, Dan...that would have been a good one to include. Thanks for the tip (oh, and by the way, I'm still reading Thor despite my misgivings about it).


Not forgetting X-23 who is a female clone of Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Batgirl, Batwoman, and even a female Captain Britain; Betsy Braddock took over the role for a while before she was turned into an Asian ninja.

And let's not forget Lightning Lass, who started off in drag pretending to be her dead brother.


Just to be a geek about it, I think Eric & Linda only lasted through the first two years of the Dr. Fate revamp, so that might be good old Inza Nelson on the cover there. Linda did appear on the cover of JLA #31.

And what of The Savage She-Dragon? Or is that The She-Savage Dragon?

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