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January 06, 2008



OMG...I always enjoy this feature, but that might be the single worst cover you've run for it yet. Did anyone at Marvel notice that Thor was dressed like He-Man? And as you say, it's a sad way to ring in an "anniversary" issue. Maybe they should've changed the title to The Mighty Snore.

Mark Engblom

Or, in my case, "The Mighty Ignore" when it comes to adding it to my Thor collection.


I keep forgetting just how plain *ugly* Marvel Comics in the mid-'90s could get. Not just the artwork per se, but cover copy, logos, etc.

Curious, I looked up Lou Harrison on comics.org to see what else he'd done. Seems like Marvel used him very briefly as a (very) poor man's Alex Ross.

This "Fury" cover:

It's not quite as bad as the Thor cover, but it ain't good. The bleary-eyed Nick Fury looks more like David Hasselhoff fumbling around with a room-service cheeseburger than ever before or since....

Mark Engblom

"I keep forgetting just how plain *ugly* Marvel Comics in the mid-'90s could get. Not just the artwork per se, but cover copy, logos, etc."

You're right...that was definitely a big low point for Marvel. I recall them flooding the market with an insane number of titles (everyone and their uncle had their own series), imitating the wretched artwork of the Image boys, flirting with bankruptcy, etc.

However, as bad as that artwork was, I can't say I like the visuals of Thor in his current title, either.


I haven't read a lot of Thor, but that's the absolute worse I've ever seen him look. Did his costume inside the book look like that too? I've never seen him in clothes like that.


LMFAO Dude this website kicks so much ass. Don't stop doing this whatever you do.

Mark Engblom

Glad you're enjoying Comic Coverage, RW! Reactions like yours make it all worth it.


The Thor and small head are renderings of the artist Lou Harrison


Holy crap...thats the funniest s#*t I have ever read. Sack of Potato legs just topped it off! I can't stop laughing! But I must say that in reference to what the other person said about "wretched image boys", don't knock on Lee and Silvestri. Their art is phenominal. Now, Liefeld, McFarlane? Yeah....wretched.

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