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January 31, 2008



You're just helping jocks think of themselves as geeks. I will have no part of this!

Mark Engblom

No...I'm helping geeks think of themselves as jocks....or that, deep down, we're all kinda geeky...or...helping us all release our Inner John Madden...or...Ah, heck with it.

Z Ryan

I laughed out loud when I got to Obnoxious Commentators.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, probably the only time you'll see me that close to the insufferable Terry Bradshaw.

Wes C

Yeah it always cracks me up, somebody can wear a jersey or a sports related shirt and somehow thats "cool", Somebody wears a Superman logo t-shirt and they're an instant geek.

They can name all the players on a football team without missing a name, I list all the members of the Justice League TV show (and c'mon 3 of those are American icons) and somehow I'm a loser. :)

I just wish the sports fanatics would call themselves what they truly are - GEEKS
(just like us!)

Wow! the guy with the bear headpiece looks like Spidey's old foe, The Grizzly!!!


LOL! Another classic, Mark! Made my night with some healthy guffawing. The "obnoxious commentators" killed me, mainly 'cause I totally agree w/you about Bradshaw.

Again, thanks!! :-)

Mark Engblom


Yeah, the double standard is a little goofy when it comes to knowing "legit" sports trivia vs. comic book "useless knowledge" Hey, it's ALL useless knowledge...and our fannish obsessions have more in common than not. Heck, even our notorious fan negativity has its parallels in the sports world!


Hey, thanks alot for the kind words (and the link from your site). Glad you liked it.

Ivan Wolfe

I knew a guy who could instantly name the seating capacities of every major sporting arena in the US and several in Europe.

Somehow, he was cool for knowing this. Meanwhile, my detailed knowledge of all things Ghost Rider makes me a geeky fanboy.

Luckily, I married a geeky fangirl, and we have geeky fankids, so it's worked out.

Mark Engblom

"Luckily, I married a geeky fangirl, and we have geeky fankids, so it's worked out.

...and the Geek Nation slowly but surely continues to grow.

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