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January 13, 2008


Z Ryan

Not to mention his original bare legs. Brr...

Matthew Rees

Perhaps the power cosmic means that all races perceive the letter in their own language. (This reads like a typical 70's Marvel footnote!)

Ivan Wolfe

In Kurt Busiek's Marvels (this is easiest to see in the 10th anniversary edition, where the enlarged text of all newspaper articles is contained in an appendix), one of the editorials written by J. Jonah Jameson uses the "G" on Galactus's chest to prove that it must have been a hoax, since it's unlikely an alien would know English.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, the bare legs are definitely another one of his humiliating previous looks.

As for different races perceiving the letter differently, that's more of a modern spin on Galactus, isn't it? I dunno. It has the stink of relativism to it....I prefer Galactus to be a giant humaniod who wears a two-pronged bucket on his head everywhere in the universe....no matter how illogical that might seem.

Ivan- Hah! I never saw THAT one! Hilarious!


Look, dude's name is Galactus, obviously from the Earth word "galaxy".

The arrow cycling back on itself (the universal sign of "I'll be back to eat your planet") is the least of his problems.

Wes C

I just thought it was the "refresh" button for his web browser.

Aren't the arrows on his head the"back" and "forward" buttons?

I'm sure there's a little icon of a house somewhere on that crazy uniform.



He could have at least worn a "Frankie Says... Relax" T-shirt to comfort the masses. Before consuming them.

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