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January 21, 2008



Ha! I wonder how people/kids reacted at the time. Sure does deflate the story you're in the middle of reading.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, especially since Mr. Kline is almost constantly referred to in the opening pages of the story. When I came across this panel, I laughed out loud at the obvious gaff someone must have made at the time.


Hi, Mark!

This was a syoryline that involved several issues of DD (circa #78-#84) and Iron Man (circa #41-#45). At the time, Gerry Conway was writing both books but(reportedly) the storyline was so disliked by readers of both books that this prompted the decision to end it abruptly (in the DD book cited in the footnote).

Mark Engblom

Hey, Shar...thanks for the background info on the Mr. Kline storyline! That's hilarious that the storyline was abruptly yanked by (presumably) Stan Lee. It almost makes me want to track down that issue of Daredevil to see how the "kill order" was carried out (that Stan....such a Godfather figure).


Going purely by memory here ... would that have been issue #44 and the android was the "Night Phantom"? Oh, wait, if this a recap that'd make this issue #45. Right?


Ironic that I've been combing through early IM issues again, lately. Check out my blog for the crazy ads I've been dissecting of late!

Mark Engblom

Bingo! Issue #45 it was! VERY good, Hube!

Oh, and I enjoyed those ads you found in the Iron-Man comics. Those old ads are an endless source of fascination and amusement.


Hube: Mark beat me to it, but yes, it was the Night Phantom android/robot. Like Mark said, you have a great memory!

Mark: the Stan Lee-Godfather connection is more apt than you might think! Check out the Roy Thomas interview of Stan that appeared in Comic Book Artist #2- -the two talk about the fact that Mario Puzo tried to write a comics script for Marvel, back in the mid-60s...Puzo was not yet a well-known novelist and needed some extra cash. The outcome? Puzo said it was too difficult--"in the time it would take me to do this (write a comics script), I could write a novel!"

Mark Engblom

Ah, that's right! I'd forgotten about the Puzo connection.

..and Puzo got to write comics afterall....sorta. Remember he was tapped to write the screenplay for Superman: The Movie? Turned out what he wrote was pretty awful....so maybe it WAS too difficult for him afterall.

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