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January 01, 2008



I think my favorite Clash "Cover" ever is the end of this intro:


The pure awesomeness of this intro means that the show itself can't help but be a letdown... because the implicit promise is not merely the Best Show Ever, but the Best THING Ever!

"Banded together from remote galaxies...."

(And note that being forbidden by Standards and Practices to even have someone throw a punch didn't stop them from having a Clash Cover!)


God I love that AVENGERS #141 cover with the Squadron Supreme. I even had a binder-style notebook with that cover on it in 6th grade, it was so popular. The funny thing is (was), the writers couldn't get the Squadron Sinister and Squadron Supreme straight either in the cover nor in the storyline (which is a classic, BTW). They're not the same thing, after all. After the cover faux pas, in the interior of #141, Steve Englehart has Hyperion saying "That's Supreme, not Sinister, Avengers -- just so you'll know who creamed you!" But then he blew it in AVENGERS #148 when Iron Man was fighting Supreme's Dr. Spectrum: IM bests his foe with an ultraviolet blast, stating "I'm sure you remember it!" and there's a footnote with an IM issue (mid-# 60s). But that Doc Spectrum was from the Squadron Sinister so there's no way the Squadron Supreme Doc Spectrum would/could "remember it"!

Mark Engblom

Suedenim- WOW! I'd forgotten about that bit from the Super Friends intro! Thanks for the link! Yeah, that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about...with the added dimension of actually seeing them running toward each other at full tilt! Thanks for the blast from the past!

Mark Engblom


Great points, as usual. Now that you bring it up, I also recall being a bit confused over which Squadron the Avengers were fighting in their various appearances. Obviously, the one with the bigger lineup is the one from Counter Earth, but their behavior and motivations seemed to shift from writer to writer. Are they a cranky-yet-benevolent super team or, essentially, an evil Justice League? The creators didn't seem too sure themselves...resulting in more than a little confusion here on the reader's side.


Great post! I love those Avengers covers, too, which I was just looking at the other day (again, Mark, you always read my mind (:). In the spirit of suedenim's link, here's another:


I love it because it's a parody of the face-off, but also works in a more sincere way as a genuine fight, suggesting just how much affection the show's creators had for the superhero traditions they were playing with.

Mark Engblom

Hah! Excellent link, my friend. You guys are great!


Ha Ha, I love the multiple covers with all the characters charging each other, that's hilarious! The cool thing is I remember a lot of these issues & had them as a kid. Thanks for bringin' back the memories.




Any readers have an idea what comic cover was the first to display the Clash? Easily my all time favourite cover cliche. Man I want to read all those books right now!

Mark Engblom

That's a really great question. I personally have no idea....though it seems likely that a simple layout of two opposing teams heading toward each other could have first appeared decades earlier during the Golden Age of Comics.

After doing a little poking around, the earliest Clash Cover of the Silver Age I've been able to find is X-Men #9(1965), featuring a rumble between the Avengers and the X-Men. The Justice League cover above was published in 1967, so unless there's something earlier than X-Men #9, that's what I'm sticking to for now.

Anyone else have any insight?

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