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January 29, 2008



no love for green lantern rings or the helm of fate come on that's solid gold


I'm a big fan of the Phantom also, on account of being in all those Jumbo black and white translated comics compilations I read as a kid. It was my first introduction to the Flash, the Fantastic Four, the House of Mystery, Thor, Captain America and the Falcon and yeah, the Phantom, all under the same cover!

Mark Engblom


Yeah, the GL rings were definitely on the short list, but I ultimately decided to pass them by since they have such a high profile. The point of "Random Coolness" is to focus on the often overlooked nooks and crannies of superhero comics that I personally think are pretty groovy. Don't get me wrong...GL rings are "Cool of the First Order", but also pretty obvious. As for the Fate helmet, that's probably outside the range of "bling" (as I understand it), but I'm sure the helmet will appear in a future "Random Coolness".

Mark Engblom


Sort of a "Marvel Essentials" line before there ever was a Marvel Essentials line, huh?


Except it was an incredibly random assortment with no respect to publisher.

So more like those grab bags from KMart in content. But the format was Essential yes. Except the covers were reproduced in color (glossy) inside (except the House of Mystery type stuff, which appeared as single stories peppered here and there).

Mark Engblom

"Except it was an incredibly random assortment with no respect to publisher."

That actually sounds like a great way to spread the word on superhero comics for kids. I'm sure many a young reader was hooked into comics with those collected reprints.

Question: Do you know is such things have collectible value? My guess would be "not much", but maybe there's something there (like the old "Marvel Tales" and "Marvel Superheroes" reprint titles).

Wes C

Was Barry Allen's Flash ring not "blingy" enough.

Sure you cant fly with it or suck peoples souls into a pocket dimension.... but a ring that you can hide your costume in is still pretty amazing!

Also: I wouldn't want to be around when the Mandarin found out he didn't make the cut!

Mark Engblom

Gotta admit, Barry's ring was never a favorite of mine. As big of a Flash fan as I am, the ring always seemed a little (okay, ALOT) goofy. Granted, Barry was a "police scientist", and comics are ultimately whimsical and fanciful....but it was a leap I just couldn't make. The whole bit with the expanding costume, then the "special gas" that shrunk it again, and the "special tiny motor" inside the ring that reeled it back into place...ehh. For as much craziness as I can accept in superhero comics, the costume ring seemed to exceed that boundary.


Green Lantern rings are a given anyway, as is Batman's utility belt. I like that the Phantom was included, but what about the other ring, with the Good Mark? Anyone with that symbol is under the Phantom's protection, as is his/her decendents by future Phantoms. Mess with a worthy Good Mark possessor and you'll be seeing the skull ring soon enough.

Captain Average

What about Wonder Woman's accessories? Both the tiara and the bracelets are beautiful AND functional! Wow, that is the gayest thing I've said in a long time.

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