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January 28, 2008


Z Ryan

Debut of the Red Hulk is going to pay for my retirement someday. You'll see!


Panelologist...That's rich...But where are the prices of those Betty Rubble comics you mentioned earlier? I'd think those would be a goldmine, especially for all those "panelologists" out there! (:


I've got a price guide from the same period and love dipping into it to see the breadth of comics that it includes, e.g. all the funnies, and also what was hot then but which is not now (e.g. Howard the Duck).

Dr. Retro

If only I had bought Fantastic Four #1 or Amazing Fantasy # 15 twenty-six years ago for just over a mere grand. If only.
"Shockingly affordable" must be a relative term. I wonder if buying some of the more affordable ones now would have the same payoff twenty-six years from now with so many reprints being produced these days.

Mark Engblom

Well, by "shockingly affordable", I guess I was thinking more about Spidey #129 ($2) or Hulk #181 ($16), and not so much Action Comics #1...although $13,500 seems at least a bit more attainable than $450,000!


Wow. That's not just an adjustment for inflation, that's some serious market forces working, there.

J. M. Cornwell

What would the 1939 Superman #1 be worth in 1982?

Mark Engblom

According to the 1982 guide, $9000 in near-mint condition...though they note that "prices vary widely on this book".

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