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January 11, 2008


Brian Disco Snell

Ha!! I did Starlin this week, too...

Mark Engblom

Great minds think...and select scans of comic book fights...alike.

Mark Engblom

By the way, how prophetic and creepy was it for Mar-Vell...who later died of cancer... to battle his "cancerous other self" (as described in panel two)?

Matthew Rees

Hah! I did Starlin a couple of weeks ago. I guess we all think that he is good. Warlock remains my favourite and I am also the proud possessor of a signed copy of Dreadstar :-)

Seventies Rule!

Loved Starlin's Cap Marvel and Warlock in the 70's, and I love them now. The "cosmic" themes may be a tad dated in 2008, 30+ years removed from Peter Max and all that other psychedelia, but the art is fantastic, and the stories were definitely different.

Most "creators" try way too hard today to make their comics "matter"...and come up with sophomoric junk. Starlin was ahead of his time.

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