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January 18, 2008



You know how to push my comic "buttons," Mark! The K-S War is one of my fave all-time epics, and the whole scene where the Avengers blast into that Skrull starship is one of the best sequences in all comics history. Neal Adams' art on this run is awe-inspiring.

Matthew Rees

Agreed. This is one of the all-time classic Marvel stories. It's sagas like this which keep Marvel ahead of DC for me.

Mark Engblom


I plan on posting that very sequence at some point for my "Highlight Reel" feature. You're right...it's simply one of the most thrilling sequences ever...mainly due to Adams' cinematic staging. It's really quite amazing to see that level of "visual vocabulary" before the Star Wars era fully kicked in. I mean, what did Adams have to base this on? "2001: A Space Odyssey"? Eh...I don't think so. Granted, Star Wars itself took most of its visual vocabulary from old WWII air battle movies...and maybe this is what also inspired Neal Adams...but man, that stuff was slick.


Yup....Marvel really does seems to have an edge over DC is so many areas....primarily the visual realm. DC jumped ahead during the 1980's, it seemed, but Marvel always seems to have been the trailblazer when it comes to art.

Captain Average

Did you notice that "green eyes", as Iron Man calls him, has a red eye? Otherwise, I do love these outbursts of emotion from Viz.

Mark Engblom

Maybe his iris is bleeding from the beating. Yeah, it's always great seeing allegedly "emotionless" beings flip out like that. The things you do for love!


Capt. Ave.: Trivia note: In 1983, Marvel put out a special edition two-issue reprint of the K-S War, and the Skrulls were all given red eyes. The word balloons were even modified to accommodate the coloring. The original issues seem to be just a coloring error.

Captain Average

Duly noted! Thanx!

The Mutt

I'm old enough to remember how Adams blew the comic book world's mind back then. I think I was 13 when the Kree/Skrull war happened.

It contains what is to this day my favorite moment in Marvel history; Captain America sending Clint Barton on the suicide mission to stop the Skrull ship from destroying Earth.

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