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December 02, 2007


Brian Disco Snell

You know, I'm glad the Invisible Kid was there in panel #1, but was there any particular reason for him to actually be invisible there? Was he trying to impress Supergirl? Is he scared of penguins? (or did the colorist just fall alseep at the wheel there??)

Mark Engblom

My question regarding the Invisible Kid is this: Considering the HUGE tasks Supergirl and Friends were undertaking (irrigating deserts, deflecting a stray planet on a collision course with Earth, destroy a space fungus, etc), how does turning invisible contribute to that...in any way?

Brian Disco Snell

Someone has to fetch the donuts...


Being invisible in the cold helps his fellow teammates. Yes, the rays of the sun pass through Invisible Kid landing upon the chilled Legionnaires.

And if you don't understand the great importance of turning invisible when you pee your pants... uh, I mean when a small planet is on a collision course with the Earth; then I don't think I can make you understand. But I'll try.

Not only could Invisible Kid turn invisible, but he also... uh, let light pass through him. All wavelengths, yeah thats right! Yeah, he controlled which wavelengths passed through and which didn't. By acting as a human filter for harmful UV rays the great Invisible Kid stopped the rest of the team from getting suntans.

The colorist which y'all so quickly mock was actually working hard to keep the continuity in check. We all know how important that is to the comics industry. Why if not for the Invisible Kid, then the entire Legion would change back and forth from tanned to un-tanned every season.

Imagine what that would have done to COIE or Zero Hour or any number of universe altering tales.

"Look at the tan lines on Saturn Girl! Is she reading my mind right now!?!"

An imaginary tale? a dream? an Elseworlds event? Thank you Invisible Kid for not allowing such catastrophes to occur.

PS - superchicks with tan lines? hmmm...

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