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December 18, 2007


Z Ryan

I never realized before that Doctor Doom is the nemesis of Bill O'Reilly.


More more more of Satan's Santas!!!

They need a mini-series at least as much as Modok's 11.

Dr. Retro



My sides are still hurting from laughing, Mark! Made my day! Thanks! :-D


Wait, Doom LOVES Christmas!
Why else would he have dressed up as Santa Doom and delivered Christmas presents?

I suspect DoomBots.

Captain Average

Great column. If you'll excuse me, I have to brick up the chimney now. AHHH, Scary Santas!!

Mark Engblom

Glad you all enjoyed it....despite the lasting trauma from those photos!

Z Ryan

Number 9 has to be staged to look creepy. He's not even wearing a hat; that's a hood.

Mark Engblom

I think back in the 40's or early 50's (which is when that photo looks like it was taken), there was a bit more variation in the Santa suits. I think as long as the suit was red and there was some sort of beard (however ratty looking), the folks of that time seemed satisfied.

Reggie Greenlaw

AAAUGH! I too have been victimized by Santa #8, possibly on the very same night. I was three years old and my parents sat me on the lap of this fiend in the Ben Franklin store on Losey Boulevard in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in the mid '50s. I can almost smell him. Other victim, where are you? We need to talk...

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