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December 14, 2007


Z Ryan

Some of these are overly elaborate. But I guess that's the kind of efficiency you can expect from Nazis.


Torquemada Approved!

Never fails to amaze me the great number of us who were exposed to this and still turned out relatively normal.

Nice work. Thanks for the tour.

Mark Engblom

You're welcome. I've noticed these crazy old covers for years, especially since I started doing in-depth looks at various cover themes and trends. What better time than the Christmas season to throw open the doors to those those old torture chambers? ;)


First off I would like to say thanks alot for these pages of covers. They are a great resource for a cultural anthropologist/artist like me who is sick and tired of getting bogged down by purile, meaningless and just plain dumb web sites out there that, after alot of clicking and searching through their sludge, only offer one or two cover samples and a whole lot of verbal crap for the effort.
These pages are clean, organized and efficiant. Thank you for that!

That being said, I just want to ask a simple question about Marvel mystery Comics #58 above. What is that guy in the bottom left hand corner, dressed in a pink uniform doing anyways? And what is he standing on? Open air? If you can enlighten me in this matter it would be much appreciated.

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