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November 18, 2007



Mark, this is great. Marvels is lovely, but I'd never seen those panels from Avengers #6. I ordered the Masterworks TPB with Avengers #1-10 last week, so hopefully it'll be in the mail tomorrow.

Mark Engblom

Fantastic. In fact, I scanned those Avengers #6 panels from my own copy of the Avengers Masterworks book.

I've also spotted various "alternate perspective" panels from Fantastic Four appearing in MARVELS #3 (the F.F.'s first battle with Galactus), as well as many of the real-life celebrities Alex Ross modeled various characters on (the subject of a future post for sure).


Those Fantastic Four panels really leapt out at me when I first read MARVELS.

I had an early-80s Fantastic Four reprint trade paperback that included the Galactus trilogy, and details from those early comic book possessions have been permanently burned into my brain. I especially loved the panel of Galactus' "Punisher" attacking with amazing super-speed, a great call-back to Kirby's original (which itself was wonderful at selling the notion that, yes, the FF for all their powers are *seriously* outclassed here.)


Another vote for seeing more side-by-side comparisons from Marvels!

Mark Engblom

Yeah, I think I may have to do the F.F. panels one of these days. Glad you guys enjoyed the Avengers comparison.


Re your comment on a future post on the real-life celebrities Alex Ross modeled various characters on: that would be a great read! Reed is clearly (and famously) modeled on the Professor from Gilligan's Island (Russell Johnson), but I can't quite put my finger on whom the Black Widow is based on. She appears in just a couple of panels, once with her short black hair and again with the long red hair, and the face used really captures Natasha's steeliness.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, the Russel Johnson look on Reed Richards was absolutely perfect. As for the Widow, I'm not sure who she may be. Ross uses many of his friends and family as reference models, so maybe she's not "famous" in the Hollywood sense. I'll go into it more with the next MARVELS post.

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