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November 11, 2007



This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for in a Thor comic. To a T! Thank you, sir.

Brian Disco Snell

Now I'll take that over the "Fourth World" any day, and twice on Sundays!!


Absolutely gorgeous...the King at his peak (IMO even more so than on the FF). The oft-vilified Colletta imparted an otherworld feel with his inks.

Mark Engblom

Glad you all liked it, folks! Yeah, Kirby really seemed to be into the Tales of Asgard stories, and were probably what fueled his later fixation to create his own complex mythologies (such as the New Gods and the Eternals). Of course, smoothing out the edges was Stan Lee's evokative writing, pushing the already grand cinematics of Kirby into something timeless and treasured.


I loved the Simonson thor, which might be a generational thing, as that was what was being published when I was a kid/early teen. The art here is superb, but I have to admit that I've always preferred Thor as a supporting character in books like the avengers-- I just think the fun of the character is seeing all the "out of this world" elements you mentioned rub up against, well, this world, and to watch reactions to him, and his reactions to the reactions.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, Thor as the "fish out of water" stories could be entertaining....especially the Lee-Kirby stories where Thor would be striding through the streets of New York as fedora-wearing men would be shouting out stuff like "Hey, that Thor guy's all right with me!" or pillbox hat-wearing woman swooning and mooning over him.

Pure cornball stuff, but I love it.


I want a Black Stallion of Doom...BAD!!

Jim Engel

Yeah...regardless of the fact that Sinnott is my favorite inker on Kirby, I really think Colletta gets a bum rap when it comes to THOR.

That scratchy look of his was perfect for a character based on ancient mythology.

Mark Engblom

You're right....Colletta did a pretty good job on the Kirby Thor comics. Just as with Sinnott's inks, Colletta was able to "soften" the blunt and (occasionally) grotesque extremes of Kirby's pencils.

That's not to say I'm a big fan of Colletta in general. However, I'll reserve the title of "Worst Inker Ever" to a gentleman named Frank Chiaramonte, who obliterated several years of Curt Swan Superman pencils with his astounding hackery.

Ed Binn

Unbelievable that readers don't appreciate the superb inking of Vince Colletta on THOR. I can not think of more beautiful inking of any penciler on any book than what Vinnie did on THOR.

Dan McFan

Vince the Prince-that says it all. Colletta at his best.

Dan McFan


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