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November 29, 2007


Greg Walter

Amen and amen.

Rebirth also features some fine Green Arrow love. As an appropriate prelude and build-up to such restoration of Hal, I found chilling GA's use of Hal's ring against Sinestro. Will *and* love, baby!

Mark Engblom

Right on! (sticking with the Green Arrow slang theme)

I liked how Johns tied into Brad Meltzer's Green Arrow run by building on his possession of Hal's ring, which had been addressed early in Meltzer's story arc. So, in a way, the groundwork was being laid (whether by design or coincidence) for Hal's return several years before Rebirth...and it's that kind of organic storytelling that I really appreciate.

Brian Disco Snell

Sorry, gotta disagree with you on this one. Having Jordan not be responsible for any of his acts during Emerald Twilight or Zero Hour (while somehow, he gets credit for the good acts of the Long Night)is a pretty reprehensible cop out, in my book.

Johns' story was probably the best possible method of rehabilitating a mass murderer...but "yellow is the color of fear"??? Puh-leaze.

Mark Engblom

Oh, come on. I thought the yellow fear thing was a clever way to finally, finally explain what in the world the "yellow impurity" was (an element dating back to Hal's very first appearance). Yeah, the "demonic possession" aspect of it has the whiff of cop-out about it, but in the hands of a skillful writer like Geoff Johns, it somehow held together and served its purpose...which was to bring back a character whose only crime was getting caught in the crosshairs of DC's "throw the baby out with the bathwater" panic attack of the mid-90's.

Dr. Retro

Now I remember why I quit reading comics in the 90s. I came back when Johns started doing the JSA. To a large extent, Geoff Johns is DC comics!

Mark Engblom

I think you're right. His star seems to have dimmed a bit recently, but that may be due more to DC's overall lack of focus and desperation as they plod through this Countdown disaster, and not necessarily Johns running out of gas (although, God knows, the guy's writing enough books to burn out the best of them).

However, he shows no sign of letting up in his epic Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps War, so hopefully he can keep the energy going past the upcoming Final Crisis conflagration.


Aquaman got a hook for a hand?? You're making that one up, right? Did he also terrorize some teens over the summer?

Anyway, great post. I have to admit, aside from the O'Neil-Adams stuff in the early 70s, I've never been a big GL reader, but I might have to check out the volume you linked to.

Mark Engblom

"Aquaman got a hook for a hand?? You're making that one up, right?"

Unfortunately not. In an effort to make him fall in line with all of the other EXTREEEME! superheroes, they radically altered Aquaman's look, which included a nasty hook-hand (that could also...I kid you not...shoot grapple lines and spin like a drill) and a scraggly "Nick Nolte arrest photo" hair and beard combo.

Ivan Wolfe

It was a great return/comeback, but -

"yellow fear monster" just sounds so silly that I'm surprised Geoff Johns did so well with it.

But then, the concept of a guy wearing tights and a green ring to avenge the innocent sounds silly out of context as well.


Aquaman looks totally primed for a team-up with Cable, circa the Liefeld Era.

Mark Engblom

"But then, the concept of a guy wearing tights and a green ring to avenge the innocent sounds silly out of context as well."

That's right...at the end of the day, none of this stuff can really be taken at all seriously.

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