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November 09, 2007



The character in the lower right corner of the Daredevil Battles Hitler cover, The Claw, appears elsewhere in that line and looks quite similar to a Skrull. Any evidence whether Marvel just "borrowed" him/them? After all, The Claw is about two decades older.

Mark Engblom

Interesting connection there, Rich. The Claw does look a bit like the Skrulls (must be the skull-cap thing).

Probably one of the most bizarre comic book characters I've ever come across, the giant-sized Claw was obviously a grotesque and extremely racist caricature of the Japanese. In this particular comic book, the Claw has his own chapter, where he "double-crosses" Hitler (whom he holds in the palm of his giant yellow hand). Extremely bizarre stuff to say the least.

Brian Disco Snell

Ah, WWII comics, where grotesque racism was not only condoned, but practically a requirement...

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