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November 26, 2007




Dr. Retro

How cool is that!?!?!

I actually wrote a couple of letters to the editors but don't know if they ever got published. Maybe some day they'll surface on some geek's blog.

And speaking of blogs, you've got the best comic blog on the world wide web! I've been reading for several months now. Informative and entertaining. The world did need another comic blog. Keep up the great work.

Mark Engblom

Siskoid: Ain't it, though?

Dr. Retro:Hey...what's up, Doc? (Sorry...couldn't resist)

Thanks for your kind words regarding my blog! (blush) It's good to know people like you are enjoying it. Looks like you're a brand new blogger yourself (I enjoyed your "maiden post"), and I'll definitely be following your efforts! Thanks for stopping by!

Ivan Wolfe

what're the odds?

To quote Han Solo:

Never tell me the odds!

Brian Disco Snell

My question is, is the editor still around?

Mark Engblom

Nope. The editor in question was most likely Mort Weisinger, who died in 1978.

Needless to say, I'd be even more surprised if Mort sent me an email.


I was shocked a couple of years ago to see a letter I'd penned that was published (late 60s) on a Legion website. Brought back nice memories...

Dr. Retro: I'll be reading your blog too. Amazing how many of us were turned on to DC because of the Batman TV show! (And DC led to Marvel and so on and so on...)

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