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November 08, 2007



Not to mention, his wrinkle free suit after removing the costume!

Mark Engblom

Maybe his street clothes were also treated with a "special chemical". Speaking of his steet clothes, check out the panel at the top of this post....so what did Barry do with the overcoat hanging over his right arm? Was thas somehow covered up by the costume, too? ;)

Brian Hughes

So Barry Allen was a "never-nude"?

Mark Engblom

Well, considering he could move faster than the human eye could register, we may never know for sure.


Re: the overcoat, I'm guessing that in the span of that single panel he ran home and hung it neatly in the closet. This is The Flash we're talking about.


If he runs home to hang up his overcoat, then he could change there. In the privacy of his very own dark, non-lighted closet; so he doesn't accidentally see himself in the shall we say 'birthday suit'.

Mark Engblom

Yeah, like most of this superhero stuff, it all starts to fall apart the more you think about it....which is why it's best to enjoy it for what it is: a whimsical flight of fancy providing a few minutes of escape from absolute logic and, for that matter, physics.

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