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November 25, 2007



Crazy Quilt also turned up fighting Robin once. This might be the only time an S&K series had a crossover with a Batman-related title.

And Mr. Polka Dot may not have gotten very far, but his daughter went on to have a huge career at another company...

Ivan Wolfe

My favorite Stilt man quote comes from a Daredevil comic (I forget which). Basically, Stilt-Man comes into Matt Murdock's office and give Matt his costume, declaring he will retire because the streets are too troublesome or something. Anyway, Stilt-Man leaves, and Foggy Nelson comes in. Matt tells Foggy he can be the next Stilt Man if he wants, as here is the costume. Foggy's reply? "No thanks. I'd rather be the next Rocket Raccoon."

As for Mr. Polka-dot - what on earth? Was he stripping for Batman and Robin? ('That's right! Take all of those dots off baby!')

As for Angle Man - he had it rough. You just know that his stationary was always coming back from the printers as "Angel Man."

Mark Engblom


That's right....Little Dot may have a connection to Polka Dot! Sinister!

Mark Engblom

Great Stilt Man story, Ivan! The guy can't catch a break!

As for Angle Man and his stationery woes...LOL! You're right....that's probably a source of neverending frustration for the shlub.


Colonel Computron is one of my favorite awful villains, one I'd love to see revived, or with a successor who picks up the Computron mantle.

See, his 8-bit supervillain equipment still *works*, but, well... it's 8-bit computer equipment, and where do you even *find* big floppy disks or acoustic modem parts these days?

Mark Engblom

"...but, well... it's 8-bit computer equipment, and where do you even *find* big floppy disks or acoustic modem parts these days?"

Forget the floppy disks or acoustic modem...how do you find a costume with knees that bend?


Where's Paste-Pot-Pete?


Come to think of it, Turner D. Century from Spider-Woman is about the lamest villian there is.

Mark Engblom


Never fear....a Bring on the (really bad) Bad Guys III is in the works....and your votes for Pete and Turner D. Century definitely carry some weight!

Pat Curley

You know, every time I see you do one of these posts I always think, "I wonder if he remembered this cover or that villain?" And inevitably you have! Polka-Dot Man, Crazy Quilt, the Fox the Shark and the Vulture... sheesh! I do have a little soft spot for Kite-Man in that he was the last villain drawn by Dick Sprang in Batman comics.

One more I'd add is the Calendar Man, in both his incarnations. In the first one he did crimes based on seasons of the year. In the second one he had a couple of those calendars where you peel the prior day off the top to reveal today's date mounted on his shoulders.

A small correction: the Blue Bowman was a Batman villain, not Green Arrow, and as you say, a continuation of the Signalman character.

Mark Engblom

Nice to hear from you, Pat! I really enjoy your Silver Age Comics site!

Thanks for the correction on the Blue Bowman...I'll edit the copy to reflect your correction.

Oh, and as for Calendar Man, I covered that loser in part one of Bring on the (really bad) Bad Guys.

Thanks for stopping by!


Actually, RAB, Crazy Quilt fought Batman a bunch of times, so one tussle with Robin isn't the only instance.

As for S&K series, even Cap has crossed over with Bats a number of times. But it's true that most of the Simon/Kirby DC creations like Manhunter, Sandman II, the Guardian and the Newsboy Legion have had pretty limited involvement with Batman & his batpals.

ShadowWing Tronix

Fox, Shark, and Vulture recently appeared on the new "The Batman" cartoon, only they used genetic mutation based on the Man-Bat's work.

S. Wolf

How can we forget - much as we'd like - The Ringer who took on The Defenders? using what looked like contracting hula-hoops which his costume generated from the pollution in the air?! Or one idiot who went up against Spider-Man, though not for very long, by using ... amplified bug sounds?! A desperate day at the Marvel bullpen when they came up with that one.

As for Stilt-Man, he's featured in one of my favourite Marvel moments. He's on another rampage. Taxi driver pleads with Spidey to stop him. Spidey: "I don't know. A menace of that magnitude will take special strategy to deal with." Whereupon he walks up to Stilt-Man and trips him. Taxi driver: "Oh, you were being sarcastic." Spidey: "Yes, yes I was."

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