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October 23, 2007


Ivan Wolfe

I blame LSD flashbacks.

But this sort of thing happens a lot.
Antz and Bugs Life.
Deep Impact and Armageddon.
That one Capote movie and that other Capote movie.

Hmmmm. Maybe Plato was onto something....

Mark Engblom

Hey, I think you're right, Ivan....like those magician movies last year (The Prestige and The Illusionist).


In case you didn't know, Louise Simonson, was the woman on that House of Secrets cover.

And now (if you didn't before) you know.

Mark Engblom

Really? Wow....so maybe she was dating cover artist Bernie Wrightson at the time?

Kim Scarborough

Also worth noting is the Mad parody of "Heap" in issue #5 (June/July 1953), in which they describe it as "a horrible standing glob of swamp thing".

Arthur Appelgren

Note, a well documented fact is that the DC creative team and editors often came over to marvel to relax after work at the Marvel offices because the atmosphere was was more relaxed. I would assume that some ideas were occasionally bandied about.

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