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October 22, 2007


Lisa at Neptune

This whole Bizarro Avengers thing is SO funny! I chuckle every time you bring a new character out for us to vote on.

Mark Engblom

Glad to hear you're enjoying the Bizarro Avengers, Lisa! It's a fun thing to do on my end as well. Odds are good you'll get to vote on one more member before next week's wrap-up. Thanks for stopping by!


That #2 keeps making me laugh. It's like somebody just killed Cap's dog. Or sidekick.


Mark Engblom

The full picture I took #2 from is even funnier. To the left of "Cap" is an odd little kid dressed up as some sort of archer character just standing there with a clueless look on his face....which only amplified "Cap's" dumbfounded ennui.

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