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October 31, 2007



Great content all month, Mark, congrats. Especially the Bizarro Avengers and "Man-thing/ Swamp Thing."

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Seth! I'd been meaning to get to the Man-Thing/Swamp Thing stuff for awhile, and the Blog of Horror month seemed to be the perfect time to fit it in.

I'll definitely do another series of Bizarro polls next year...so I'll start patrolling the photo sites shortly after Halloween for a whole new crop of goofy costumes!


The Purple House?? Wait, Prince gave kids comics for Halloween?? I always knew he was cool! (:

Mark Engblom

LOL! No, this house was way up in Duluth, Minnesota....but you gave me an idea:

"Purple House, Purple House...

I only wanted to get your comics for my tricks an' treats...

Purple House, purple House..."

(to be sung to the tune of Prince's "Purple Rain" while accompanied by the slowly swaying arms of the audience holding lit butane lighters)

Thomas Aylesworth

That's an awesome story! I have the entire run of SSoSV, bought new when I was around the same age. Great comics. Thanks for the memories.

Mark Engblom

Hi, Thomas! Glad you liked the tale of The Comics House. I hadn't thought of that place in years and years...it just popped into my head the other day, crazier yet that it was exactly 30 years later.

Weird how some stuff sticks with you. Of course, nothing from algebra or physics class stuck with me....so there you go.

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