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September 14, 2007



Look for all these stories in a upcoming trade called Marvel Modest Monster Madness.

Mark Engblom

I think you're onto something there, felgekarp. I'll split the royalties with you....that is, after Marvel gets their take.


Bravo!! Another CC classic, Mark!

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Hube!

James Meeley

I'm sorry, but to leave out Groot and Xemnu (aka The Titan) from a list of the classic Marvel Monsters, well, that's just some really slipshod work, Mark. ;)

Mark Engblom

Not so fast, James! If Groot or Xemnu wore underwear, I definitely would have included them. But...since they're not part of that exclusive club, I had to leave them out this time around. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to work them into a future post. Heck...October is just around the corner....the perfect time to wax poetically about Marvel Monsters!


What about Goo-Gam?
He wears underwear, and is even in the Fin Fang Four, one seriously awesome comic.

Mark Engblom

Hey, thanks Bret! I've already added Goo-Gam, plus his dad and a few other Underwear Monsters!



Have you read Fin Fang Four?
Part of that marvel monster event a coupla years back. Quality stuff.

Got it in a digest with a couple other comics at target including Foom's first appearence. Only five dollars!

Mark Engblom

No, I haven't read Fin Fang Four, I'm sad to say. I remember seeing it on the stands and being tempted to pick it up, but I must have been maxing out on my titles at that time. Now that I know there's a digest version at Target, I'll definitely pick it up. Thanks for the tip, Bret!

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