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September 01, 2007


mark weinstein

Hi Mark,
I’m enjoying your JLA-JSA teamup series. When I was a kid I read reprints of the “Crisis on Earth One/Two” and “Crisis on Earth 3” stories--I think they still hold up. Last year I bought the first 2 trade paperbacks collecting the JLA/JSA teamups: I enjoyed “Crisis on Earth A” (even the 3 monsters at the end—-I liked how GL’s wood-weakness was used against them) But, boy, did the quality nose-dive after those issues! I found the plots forgettable... and the art! I for one like Mike Sekowsky’s JLA work, but his pencils with Sid Greene’s inks I find horrid—it made me really appreciate Bernard Sachs contribution.

Mark Engblom

Hey, Mark! Glad you're liking the series! Speaking of the trade paperbacks, I plan on plugging all of them published so far, so anyone interested in checking out the stories I'm featuring can do so at a reasonable price.

I wish I could appreciate the Mike Sekowski JLA era more, but I guess those issues just don't connect with me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the remaining two parts of my series.

E. Dewayne Miller

This was definitely an enjoyable walk down memory lane. I also looked forward to these team-ups when I was a kid. I was surprised to learn that they started in '63. The neighborhood store where I bought my comics had both new and used. Apparently I was reading the used ones without realizing.
(I never put much thought into the publication date--I just loved the comics; especially the ones with the Golden Age heroes.)

Wile. E. Quixote

Oh man, this is great stuff. I loved, loved, loved, the JLA/JSA team ups, and the 1976 and 1977 team-ups were two of the best. I really loved the 1977 team-up with the Legion of Super Heroes, another book that I really loved back then. I was incredibly disappointed when DC decided to bow to the demands of witless, anally-retentive continuity freak fanboys and destroy everything with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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