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September 06, 2007



That All-Star Squadron crossover was just pure undiluted awesome for 13-year-old me, and it's still one of my favorites....

Mark Engblom

Yeah, it was definitely the BIGGEST of them all, and parts of it really were well done (especially the Ordway art).

Tell me, did your 13 year-old self have even a remotely earthly idea of what was going on in the story? Not to say you weren't a bright kid, but wow...mixing mutant humans with the Cuban Missile Crisis and World War II seems like a recipe for teenage perplexion!

Brian Disco Snell

You know, now that we have the Multiverse back (I capitalize "Multiverse" because it's such a GREAT idea) we could have a JSA/JSA team-up...

Mark Engblom

Yes, let's hope so. In a recent issue of (I think) Justice League, a glimpse of another world's Justice Society was offered...so hopefully we'll be finding out more about them.


I've only just found out about your site and what's the first thing I see on it, a piece on the JLA/JSA teamups, fantastic. I've got quite a few of the teamups in issue form and I've got all the current Crisis On Multiple Earths trades as well and just recently I've managed to pick up copies of issues 29 and 30 off e-bay, I remember seeing the cover to 30 in my uncles comic collection when I was a lot younger and it's one of those covers that has stuck with me into adulthood. What do the rest of you reckon to the more recent team ups, Crisis Times 5 and Virtue And Vice?


I really didn't have any particular problem following the story, but my knowledge of Earth-Prime history was fairly decent even back then. I already knew all the characters (except for the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3, who are both reasonably easy to understand and *completely awesome!*)

Mark Engblom


Glad you've found my blog...and that you liked the JLA-JSA series! I know there's a ton of people out there who enjoy some attention directed toward the older stuff, and I like helping fill that niche. I figure there are enough comic blogs that talk about this week's latest outrage or comics coming out three months from now.

As for Crisis Times 5 and Virtue and Vice, I liked them both...but I have to admit it's not quite as fun when the JSA lives on the same Earth and shares the same history as the JLA.

It just seemed more magical when the JSA, who were literally comic book characters on Earth-1, bridged the gulf between worlds to share an adventure with their JLA pals. I've grown used to the shared world JLA-JSA dynamic, but I still miss the old arrangement at times.

Mark Engblom


I'll second that "completely awesome" on the Crime Syndicate. What do you think of their more modern (and ruthless) incarnation? Owlman sure looks a lot better than the original!


I think the more modern take on the Crime Syndicate is objectively *better*, but somehow I can't help just *liking* the Silver Age depiction a little better. It's sort of the same reaction I have to the Flash's Rogues Gallery. They're more interesting and ruthless and all, but I kinda prefer them as the largely illogical and mostly-harmless (except for the few who stood out from the others as psychos and really *dangerous*, Reverse-Flash and Gorilla Grodd) guys they used to be.


Wow, what a great blog. I was googling for a list of JLA/JSA teamups and about 2 hours later, I'm still enjoying the heck out of the blogs, critiques and comments on here. The first comic I remember picking off the old metal circular rack was the second issue of the Earth-S teamup on summer vacation. I must've read comics some before then, because I recognized some, but not all of the characters. I loved the teamups each summer! and yeah, Mr Scarlet and Pinky...good lord. Yet they somehow worked in the crossover!

Don K

I was curious why you didn't include the final Pre-Crisis (well, I suppose it took place during Crisis) JLA/JSA crossover which also included Infinity Inc. I believe it ran in JLA #244 and Infinity Inc. #19.

Wile. E. Quixote

I still have that JLA/JSA team up from 1982 with the All Star Squadron and in my opinion it's the best of the team-up issues. I loved the multiple earths concept and thought that it was a fun way to bring back older heroes and to introduce new ones, and I love "Oh @#$%#! Someone's travelled in time and broken everything. We have to go back and fix it." stories and this combined both. If I ever build a time machine on my way back to kill Hitler I'm going to kidnap the entire DC executive staff, use my time machine to transport them to the early 1990s, show them mulleted Superman and say "See! See you fools! This is what your misguided attempts to have some sort of unified continuity to please anally retentive fanboys and emulate Marvel are going to get you. If that doesn't work I'll make them read
the Tim Truman Hawkworld reboot. Yes, yes I know that's cruel and unusual but if we learned anything from eight seasons of 24 it's that sometimes you have to resort to torture.

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