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September 19, 2007



And the other side of the hammer says, "...Power only truly effective when character written and/or drawn by Jack Kirby or Walt Simonson." (:

Mark Engblom

Too true....though I have to say there have been some good runs by other writers/art teams. Some that come to mind are the Roy Thomas and Keith Pollard run (approx. #270 through #300) and the Tom DeFalco/Ron Frenz/Joe Sinnott run from the high 300's through the #430's or so. One could argue the latter was nothing more than a pastiche of the Lee & Kirby years....but whatever it was, it was certainly entertaining.


I grew up with the DeFalco/Frenze Thor. A great run, though when Thor's alter-ego, Eric Masterson(?), became "Thor" full-time, the series lost me. Visually, along with Simonson and Frenz, I think John Romita, Jr.'s Thor was great.

Dan Lietha

To borrow from another ad campain ... PRICELESS!

Good stuff Mark!

Mark Engblom

Thanks, Dan! I suspect the gag's been done somewhere else...but it was an idea that amused me...so there you go.

Mark Engblom


Yeah, the Eric Masterson alter ego was an interesting attempt to tie Thor down once again to a human identity....but the domestic drama that went along with it (a divorce/child custody thing) was admittedly not where a high adventure title like Thor should be spending much of its time. Still...the pitch-perfect pastiche of the Kirby art was, in many respects, better than Kirby's original Thor run, since most of those issues were inked by the sub-par Vince Colletta. With the DeFalco/Frenz Thor, we at least got some idea of what it might have been like if Joltin' Joe Sinnott had been Kirby's primary Thor inker.

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