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September 12, 2007



As Mark continues to live inside my head...(: I have similar fond memories of all these film scores (except LOTR, which I don't recall at all). Definitely keep them, if only for the album art: I remember seeing that cover art in poster form outside the theaters as a kid, and also reprinted in ads on the back of many a marvel comic growing up, and I always loved the majesty and excitement it engendered-- particularly with the Star Trek: The Motion Picture cover/poster, there's this sense of being taken away to a whole different universe (ironically, the movie sucked, but that merely doubles my admiration for the designers that managed to make it look cool).

Mark Engblom

Well, a word on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. As a whole, it was really nothing special (like the movie itself), and probably the only "misfire" in my whole collection of movie soundtracks. But that cover....just beautiful.

Good point on the Star Trek cover...it really did promise a much better movie than we actually got.

That's neat that you bring up the movie ads on the backs of comics. That was a dimension of it that I'd forgotten. You're right....there was something undeniably grand about those ads....possibly because they were one of the first truly slick-looking ad campaigns to make their way to comics. Before that, it had been the usual junk (selling GRIT, bike ads, candy, etc). The movie ads really felt sophisticated. Perhaps one of the very first "contacts" between the comic book and movie-making world? (which has now progressed to an almost obscene level with the San Diego Movie...er...Comic Con?

Keith Bowden

It looks like you raided MY album collection! Although I have take (mild) umbrage at your dismissal of Leonard Rosenman's Lord of the Rings score. I love it! Even got the expanded CD when it finally came out in the '90s. But I did feel a little miffed when he basically recycled major themes (with slight tweaks) for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

I always wanted the Superman II soundtrack for the laser etching, but I hated the music, so... (The original Superman is arguably John Williams' best heroic score ever.)

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