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September 05, 2007



The (or "a") Human Bullet was also a recurring character on The Tick, the animated series.


Keelan Parham

Bulletman from GI Joe was one of my all time favorite toys. The silver on mine's helmet kept flaking off, and he had these really weird hand positions, if I remember right. Couldn't hold anything. Buthe had these cool red rubbery boots, though.

Anybody out there also remember Big Jim? He had this band you could put on his bicep that he'd burst off when you made him flex. He was by himself for awhile, but later he had a superteam called the "Wild P.A.C.K.", I believe. There were also villains for that line.

Mark Engblom


I wasn't aware of the Bulletman in the Tick comic. Thanks for the link!


Hey, I had a Big Jim...complete with busting bicep band and (if I remember correctly) come kind of big machete blade he could use with his karate-chopping action (using a button on his back). I still remember the odd, rubbery material the arms were made of.

A friend of mine had Bulletman, though the helmet was lost almost immediately in some outdoor adventure of ours. Remember those HUGE G.I. Joe helicopters? Geez, a kid practically needed a forklift to hoist the darn thing! At some point, somebody realized these things didn't have to be 14" tall and came out with the tiny G.I. Joe line the next generation is more familiar with.


I used to have a Bulletman as well, left his helmet in front of the fire one day and it ended up looking like a helmet would if you'd gone head first into a wall at high speed, I've also got an Intruder as seen in the last picture.

Mark Engblom

I wonder if any Bulletman helmets survived the 70's? Sounds like those things were tough to keep intact (or keep track of).

Yeah, another friend of mine had the Intruder...who we'd team up with Bulletman to fight the Six Million Dollar Man and Maskatron.

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