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September 07, 2007



Amen, and Amen.


Q: Will anyone trot out footage from his episodes of Wiseguy where he played a KKK archwizard during the campaign?

Mark Engblom

I wouldn't put anything past the media jackals. That said, I'm not a Fred guy.


And I'm not an anything.

Being from Canada, the robots have already won.

Mark Engblom

So I've heard...but the robots are trying their best here, too.


LOL!! This is friggin' awesome! The title banner ALONE makes this post!! My wife just came running in to see what I was laughing so hard at! The pic of the LMD's face is just too f-'in hilarious!

Mark Engblom

Hey, glad you enjoyed the post, Hube! Yeah, that Life Model Decoy's face was something I just had to use...along with Supervillain Mao and Pseudo Fred Thompson!


Bwaah! That Thompson comparison is hilarious (I saw another one recently that compared him to "The Gentlemen," the rictus-faced demons that stole people's voices on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Arthur Branch can't get no respect, it seems (and, um, good. (:).

Man, Kirby just kicks butt, doesn't he? It's been said a thousand times, but bears repeating: his work is so kinetic and expressive that you don't even have to read the balloons to undertand what's happening, and to thrill to it. Truly the Godfather of superhero artists.

Mark Engblom

"Man, Kirby just kicks butt, doesn't he?"

All kinds of it...though I have to qualify it a bit by saying I appreciated his 60's stuff more than just about any other period of his career (before or after). His 80's stuff was a bit painful to behold.

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